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Insomnia, anxiety, problems with digestion, and infertility

I came to Amanda for help with a variety of issues including insomnia, anxiety, problems with digestion, and infertility. Amanda helped me with all of these to a degree I never could have imagined possible. I’ve been to several acupuncturists in the past, and she is by far the best I’ve found in the northeast! I no longer have to take medication for insomnia or anxiety and my stomach problems have significantly abated. I saw Amanda for a couple years leading up to my third IVF attempt. After having two failed IVF cycles for which I saw another acupuncturist, I didn’t hold out much hope, but to my great surprise, it worked, and I’m pregnant! I really think Amanda’s highly skilled level of acupuncture played a significant role in the success of my most recent IVF cycle, and in addition, it is just such a pleasant experience. Amanda is a very thoughtful and kind person who really listens (in addition to being an excellent acupuncturist!) It has been such a relaxing and peaceful experience to visit her office once a week. I would highly recommend seeing Amanda for any issue you might have, she’s the best!
Elle xx


Suffering from Sciatica for the first time had 6 sessions with an osteopath with little success,3 session of Acupuncture with Amanda job done.Highly recommend her and won’t hesitate to return should I have further problems.

Tom pirrie

support with anxiety

I found Amanda as it was recommended I try accupuncture for some personal issues I was going through.
Amanda is extremely professional, easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease.
The process was explained to me on every session on what we were going to do and it was explained that you don’t always feel instantly better.
After just 2 sessions I started to feel the effects of the treatment and I would feel an instant calmness which for how anxious I was feeling was worth every penny to me.
I cannot recommend both Amanda and her treatments enough as she really helped me through an extremely tough time in my personal life.

Cara Gibson

Help and support through IVF

I went to Amanda after a friend said I should try acupuncture on my second cycle of IVF. I have to admit, I was a little sceptical at first. Amanda is brilliant. She helped me to relax and reduce stress, both during our sessions and after. Going to her was like a little sanctuary in an incredibly stressful and emotional time of my life. Best thing of all is that my second IVF cycle was successful and I’m writing this review while my beautiful baby boy is asleep in my arms.



I’ve struggled with back pain for over 3 years been to doctors, hospital and physio all did the same just tried to fill me full of tablets.
One session with Amanda and I’ve had my first night of sleep without being woke up with the feeling of a hot knife in my back.
I would recommend Amanda and the treatments she offers to any very friendly and very knowledgeable.

Kevin Chappell

Excellent service, positive outcome!

I saw Amanda several times for fertility related accupuntre. Friendly and professional service in a relaxed environment. This was the first time I had tried accupuntre and I was on my 4th attempt of ivf. I can now happily say that I’m pregnant and I’m sure accupuncture was a contributing factor. I would highly recommended Amanda and cannot thank her enough!


IVF, anxiety, emotional and mental well-being therapies

I first came to Amanda for acupuncture to assist me through the IVF process, first time I had tried the therapy and quickly formed a bond of support and enjoyment of the acupuncture identifying how calm and emotionally stable the treatment was leaving me. During my discussions and sessions, I found it easy to open up about anxiety and panic issues I had suffered with for many years and various medications I had tried. Amanda soon established techniques and incorporated combined therapies such as acupuncture, ear seeds, reiki and crystal healing (something I had long been curious about) to treat me. It is now one year since I found this amazing lady and I have had a success first round of IVF as well as no longer needing to use anxiety and panic medication. I cannot thank or recommend Amanda enough to anyone who has faced similar issues, she truly cares and caters to your needs through an individual package of therapies without the worry of additional or hidden costs. Thank you again for being my safe environment and supporting me immensely through this journey. Any treatment I have ever had, again mentioning the combined therapies have contributed to a better lifestyle mentally and emotionally as well as the physical results of my IVF. I will continue my journey with the support of this incredible earth angel

Candace Merren


Ihad been referred to Amanda for 7 sessions of acupuncture ive been through mouth cancer which affected my left arm with bad pain but after 6 sessions its feeling a whole lot better i would recommend Amanda to anyone just a brilliant job and a kind and caring person x

Annie Boon

Acupuncture after active primary Breast Cancer treatment had finished

I found Amanda’s details whilst surfing the net. My Oncologist recommended trying Acupuncture to help with hot flushes from taking Tamoxifen and also to help with anxiety. I found Amanda very personable, professional and knowledgeable and she listened to what I had to say and I have found the treatment to be very beneficial. The ear seeds are great to help when anxiety & stress gets too much at work!, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to my friends and family. Thank you for making my life a little bit easier.

Nicky Davis

Kindness, peace and relaxation

I came to Amanda seeking acupuncture to help ease depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia, and have noticed definite improvements and my mood and levels of physical tension since beginning treatment. She is skilled at her craft and coming to be treated feels like a peaceful sanctuary from the hectic world outside – I would recommend this whatever your state of health, as it seems like it could be a really positive preventative measure against problems like chronic stress before their onset, not just to alleviate them afterwards. Amanda is a caring individual with a lovely aura and open heart. I will say that in the case of severe depression, it isn’t an instant cure and may be worth combining with methods like talking therapy and medication, but with a few sessions I’ve certainly noticed an improvement and hope that you will too!

Jessica Clark

Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Amanda since October 2018 and initially sought her help whilst recovering from a severe episode of depression and anxiety. Previously I have gone down the conventional medication and talking therapy route, however after a bad reaction to changes in my medication I decided I wanted to include some holistic therapy. Thankfully I found Amanda’s details online and since then she has helped me greatly. Amanda is an extremely experienced therapist and her clinic is a sanctuary. She is both professional and caring and I have found each treatment very relaxing, something I wasn’t expecting from acupuncture! Amanda is also trained in delivering Reiki and I enjoyed the sessions were she combined both treatments. She has been an important part in my road to recovery and I would highly recommend her services.


Recovering from glandular fever

I first reached out to Amanda for some treatment while recovering from glandular fever in order to help boost my weakened immune system. Amanda is very professional and pays attention to detail explaining why she puts certain needles in certain points. I believe the treatment really sped up my recovery and I was able to get back to normal quite quickly. I have felt very well looked after and have continued to see Amanda since having recovered from glandular fever to help support my body and well-being undergoing typical student stress/anxiety. Amanda has even been able to offer me pre-operation acupuncture for an upcoming operation, which I feel confident will prepare me well. She also provides a student discount! Thank you very much, Amanda.


Ivf acupuncture and ear seeds

Amazing what acupuncture and ear seeds do I m so please i actually came to Amanda for acupuncture while going through ivf and it calm me down helps wirh blood flow and I couldn’t of done this without amanda help it made big difference when i needed that time with acupuncture while doing ivf after long few years and months of ivf i manged to get pregnant first round on icsi and i couldn’t of been happier from the help and support acupuncture and Amanda gave me i m so thankful for your help and support i recommend her for acupuncture and her lovely support i got from her i appreciate it thank you so much if i ever need it in future I will go back to Amanda for acupuncture such amazing lady ♥ thank you so much for ur support
many thanks
Kirsten x

Kirsten Jones

Getting my life back on track

I recently starting receiving acupuncture treatment I was suffering from quite severe anxiety and depression.which we now think was made much worse by menopausal symptoms. I had been having hot flushes day and night for nearly two and a half years and have tried every pill and potion that claim to help, but none of it did. As my few weeks of treatment have gone on flushes are getting less and less and I am feeling much happier and less anxious .family and friends have noticed a huge difference .many thanks go to Amanda so pleased I started treatment with her.

Julie williams

Acupuncture Treatment

I have booked Amanda on numerous occasions using vouchers from Durham County Carers Support. I was suffering from something similar to sciatic pain and after discussing my condition with Amanda it was decided for her to give me acupuncture, cupping and massage. I am pleased to say the result was amazing. Recently I booked a session with her for my shoulder joint and received acupuncture and massage over my shoulders. I experienced a great benefit and will definitely return to use her services. THANK YOU AMANDA.

Jennifer Pears

Long Suffering Back Problems

After suffering for 4 years with lower back issues as a result of a herniated disk that required surgery and conventional medicines only approach being to treat my symptoms and not the cause of my problem, I emailed Amanda to enquire if acupuncture treatments could help. Amanda replied promptly and gave an overview of similar issues she has treated and how she might be able to help.

At my first consultation Amanda took a comprehensive history of my problem and with her nursing background Amanda was able to ask the pertinent questions, understand the history of my back problem and to focus the acupuncture treatments accordingly.

I have been receiving weekly treatment sessions where Amanda has used a variety of techniques. To accentuate the effect of each treatment Amanda has attached electrodes and also applied heat to certain needles with a Chinese herbal stick. The deep tissue massage technique using massage cups has really helped to ease my stiffness.

I have seen real improvements over the 6 weeks and I would highly recommend Amanda and her treatments

Chris Edgar

Excellent treatment

I have suffered from neck and back problems for many years and as a result have had to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle than I would have liked.
I had tried many different treatments in the past, some which have helped to some degree but not in mobility.
I decided to try acupuncture as an alternative option and I have found it to be extremely beneficial.
Amanda, it is clear that you take great pride in your work, your help and advice is clear, effective and educational. I have subsequently seen a vast improvement in my health, mobility and general level of fitness and wellbeing.
I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs help and advice regarding health and fitness.

Thank you.

Kieron Walker


Amanda is very good at her job knows exactly where to pinpoint the acupuncture needles to relax the muscles and reduce pain,I would recommend her services 100% and will continue to use them on a regular basis 🙂


Amazing treatment

Having sustained numerous neck and back injuries over the years, my lifestyle adopted a more sedentary approach. I was diagnosed with lumbar spine degeneration, lumbar disk damage and nerve root irritation resulting in my mobility becoming somewhat restricted.
I tried several treatments over the years and had noticed some improvement in my symptoms however my mobility remained restricted to some degree.

In 2015 I visited the Gentle Touch Healing and Acupuncture Clinic for acupuncture treatment, I was made very welcome by Amanda on my arrival and I was very impressed by her professional knowledge and by the comprehensive method in which she administered my treatment.

Since then, I have enjoyed a vast improvement in my general health, wellbeing and mobility. Amanda clearly takes great pride in her work and this is reflected in her treatments as she can tailor these to suit each individuals requirements.

I would just like to say Thank You Amanda for your intervention, treatment and for you kindness.

I would readily recommend you to anyone who is in need of help.

Kieron Walker

Work in progress

Having fractured my sixth vertabre and crushing the disc’s between # 6 and 7 verttabre i had all but given up on hope of having some normallity in my neck movments Physio was not working i was constanly in pain and could not do simple tasks like look over my shoulder then got put in touch with Amanda via a friend.
I have just had my second session with Amanda and its a revalation its not a 100% recovery in one go its more unlocking a little bit at a time and it is Working i can move my head without trying to anticapate any niggles or pain from the top down i am more relaxed and sleeping alot better its going to take more sessions but i can really feel progress.
Amanda uses plain english when she explains the process and as soon as you sit down you know your in good hands i now look forward to my sessions and look forward to a time in the future when i will be some where near normallity.

Thank you Amanda 🙂

Simon Richards

Gout Treatment

As a previous sceptic of all medicines including western and chinese medicines I was amazed by the results of acupuncture on my gout. The pain from gout is well known to be the male equivalent to child birth and can last for up to two weeks taking usual off the shelf western medicine. This makes simple every day tasks like driving and walking unbearable. My wife carried out acupuncture and after a 30 minutes treatment the pain and swelling had gone. As a first time patient I was apprehensive of using acupuncture and can’t exactly describe how it works… but it does and I can only highly recommend this form of treatment.

Richard Proud


Amanda is an amazing person. I have had numerous sessions with her and have come away feeling totally relaxed. I have had both the Indian head massage and the massage of neck and shoulders and would not hesitate in booking with her again.

Jennifer Pears


Fantastic treatments!




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